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1011 Bonus Avenue, Belvidere, IL 61008 | (815)-544-2671 | Fax: (815)-547-4222

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 Faculty and Staff

Lincoln Elementary Staff

 We do not publish specific email addresses because of the increased occurance of virus activity.  Please use the format to contact our staff members.
Department​ ​Name ​Extension ​Email
Principal Beth Marchini 4520 bmarchini
Assistant Principal Megan Zanocco 1086 mzanocco
Administrative Assistant Ana Maria Gutierrez 4537 agutierrez
Administrative Assistant Lori Hornbeck 4274 lhornbeck​
Nurse Julie Bell 4523 jbell​2
Kindergarten Team
Kindergarten Teacher Kristen Curtis 7839 kcurtis
Kindergarten Teacher Kara Fouke 7813 kfouke
Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher Nicole Peele 1608 NPeele
Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher Sandy Ibarra 4531 sibarra
First Grade Team
First Grade Teacher Christina Holec 7818 cholec
Bilingual First Grade Teacher Lorena Castillo 5811 lcastillo
First Grade Teacher Linda Ludlum 7795 lludlum
First Grade Teacher​ Abby Dornbush 3056​ adornbush​
​First Grade Teacher ​Michelle Hulstedt ​1124 ​mhulstedt
Second Grade Team
Second Grade Teacher Katy Cooper 7658 kcooper
Bilingual Second Grade Teacher Aura Estrada 4695 aestrada
Second Grade Teacher Andrea Shepherd 1548 ashepherd
Second Grade Teacher​ Deanna Thunberg​ 1989​ dthunberg​
​Lisa Yates ​1661 ​lyates
​Ashley Deery ​4825 ​adeery
Third Grade Team
Third Grade Teacher Meghan Becker 7745 mbecker
Third Grade Teacher​ Bilingual Morgan Peterson 7945 mpeterson
Third Grade Teacher Mary Zabel 1558 mzabel
Third Grade Teacher Rachel Behm 4495 rbehm
Fourth Grade Team
Fourth Grade Teacher Suzanne Graff/Heather Lane 3932/3267 sgraff or hlane
Fourth Grade Teacher Maggie Worrell 7836 mworrell
Fourth Grade Teacher Amanda Denning 1457 adenning
Bilingual Fourth Grade Teacher Dana Stanley 4595 dstanley
Fifth Grade Team
Fifth Grade Teacher Ron Anderson 1169 randerson
Fifth Grade Teacher Jen Diamond 3224 jdiamond
Fifth Grade Teacher Maggie Blackburn 7716 mblackburn
P.E. Teacher Michelle Turner 3358 mturner​
P.E. Teacher Brad McLarty 7705 bmclarty
​P.E. Teacher ​Erik Novak ​enovak
Music Teacher Mihcal McClelland 7188 mmcclelland
Art Teacher Catherine Urban 5776 curban​
Life Skills and Early Childhood
Life Skills​ Tim Johnson​ 7838​ tjohnson​
Life Skills​ Kara Lakowske​ 7636​ klakowske​
Early Childhood​ Jane Koehler​ 7053​ jkoehler​
​MLP Primary ​Jennifer Meyers ​1483 ​jmeyers
MLP Intermediate Kathryn Pusateri 7827 kpusateri
Speech and Resource​​
Resource Teacher​ ​Diane Frisch ​4292 dfrisch
​Resource Teacher ​Jana Loofboro ​7688 ​jloofboro
​Speech Teacher Emily Weil 4527 eweil
​Speech Teacher Odette Little 3292 olittle
​TPI Teacher Yuri Moctezuma ​3110 ymoctezuma
​LD Resource ​Lidia Lentz ​7659 ​llentz
Learning Center and Computer Lab
​Assistant Librarian ​Patty Bowley ​2152 ​pbowley
​Computer Lab Tech ​Jennifer Boardman ​4529 ​jboardman
Support Staff
Psychologist​ Stephanie Kiesel ​3620 spayleitner
​Instructional Coach ​Valerie Mutton ​3434 ​vmutton
​Title 1 ​Suzanne Black ​5593 ​sblack
Title 1​ ​Lisa Bennett ​4668 ​lbennett
​Title 1 Diane Yunker ​7676 dyunker
Title 1​ ​Linda Bloom ​7811 ​lbloom
​Custodian ​Sue Holland ​4536 ​sholland
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