Nice job to all 31 of our spelling bee finalists!

This year’s spelling contest went a hard fought 10 rounds.  Congratulations to this year’s BCMS spelling bee champion, Alyssa Aarvig.  After successfully spelling ‘Jacobean’, Alyssa correctly spelled ‘silhouetted’ to claim the title.  She will now compete and represent our school at the Regional Spelling Bee on March 22.  As BCMS runner-up, Emily Savage, is our alternate at the regional competition.

List of all participants:

Jacob Fillmore
Alex Hatch
Melannie Montano
Orlando Hernandez
Leeon Higgs

Alana Smelter
Kathryn Wolfgram
Nick Winters
Zoey Hart
Camy Ursenbach
Jace Smuszkiewicz

Aidin Stohr

Annabelle Gawaran
Rayn Chanthanphone
Alyssa Aarvig
Ashton Gallagly
Jalen Ramos
Kara Yang 

Gage Hasty
Jackson Kohls
Billy Sanchez
Alexis Berrios
Kalyb Bennefield

Solomon Foley
Preston Gonzalez
Herbie Lopez
Casey Palka
Izzy Sandwick
Jake Van Anrooy
Bryan Valenzuela

Emily Dahl
Emily Savage
Kieran Borth
Paula Alfaro
Eli Johnson


Students give full attention as Mr. Houston explains the rules.

Thank you, parents who came to support your students.

The final 3 - Emily Savage at bat, Rayn Chanthanphone and Alyssa Aarvig waiting their turn.

Smiling champ Alyssa Aarvig