Educational Links​

​This list of sites is provided as a convenience for parents and students. District 100 does not maintain these sites and cannot control their content. We strongly recommend that parents supervise and monitor their children's use of the internet.
Mrs. Schiesher's Tech Website
Internet Safety Website - Teaches kids about internet safety in a fun way. - Features interactive books and phonics games to teach the basics of reading. -  Features interactive  math lessons, activities, and math games. - Students can practice for and take spelling and vocabulary tests, play spelling and vocabulary games. - Children can explore and play with Fancy Nancy. - Arcademic skill builders has online educational video games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. - Great site to enhance the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the White House. - One of the top rated Santa Claus websites. It is known around the world. - Eduplace offers fun vocabulary and games from our science series. - This a bilingual site for families and educators.


Belvidere Middle Schools 1:1 PROGRAM 

Why a 1:1 Initiative?   

  • Today’s learners are engaged in the use of technology to a far greater extent than ever before. They connect socially, pursue interests and information, and share ideas quickly.
  • Integrating technology and great instruction allows students to connect with people, places, and ideas in the context of the school curriculum.
  • Our children want to be involved and have a voice. Student use of technology in the classroom teaches them how to collaborate with others responsibly, evaluate information, and develop products that spotlight their understanding and abilities.
  • Students will be expected to have these skills as they enter a competitive workforce. Their experiences in the technology-connected classroom provide them with the confidence and skill to be successful.    

Why use ChromeBooks​? 

  • ChromeBooks represent a new “space” in technology: This space is between the mobile space (phones and iPods) and the portable space (laptops and netbooks).
  • Chromebooks require little, if any maintenance. It is a completely web-based device, so there is no need for downloading or installing programs, resulting in less need for technical support.
  • The Chromebook is a blank canvas, an engaging device with high potential for transforming the way young people learn.
  • Chromebooks have many features for enhancing productivity, including: instant-on, all day battery life, auto-save to the Google Cloud, anywhere anytime learning, and functionality as a literacy tool, research station, history archive, language lab, art canvas, video editing suite, and library.

1:1 User Agreement  

The Chromebook (henceforth know as “device”) is the property of Belvidere School District 100 and as such all terms of the Belvidere School District 100 Responsible User Agreement apply. The District retains the right to revoke the privilege of use and may result in disciplinary action by the school for the following reasons:

● The device will be used for educational purposes only.
● The device will not be used for unethical use of the Internet or email by students.
● The school-provided Chromebook case will be used at all times.
● The device is the property of the Belvidere School District and as a result may be seized and reviewed at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy of materials found on the device. At all times, students are expected to follow classroom rules and expectation regarding appropriate use of the device and installed apps. Gmail is to be used only as directed by classroom teachers during school hours.

The District will maintain the ability to block access to sites, check usage history, and locate  the device at any given time.

Student Use and Care of the Chromebook

  • No food or drink is allowed next to your device.
  • Cords, cables and removable storage devices must be inserted CAREFULLY into the device.
  • Students (users) should not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics of the device or attempt to repair the device.
  • If the device fails to work or is damaged, the student should report the problem to the teacher as soon as possible. The District Technology Department will determine device repair/replacement options. A temporary replacement device or alternate materials may be issued until the repair/replacement process is completed.
  • Never leave a device unattended. When not in your personal possession, the device should be in a secure, locked environment.
  • Devices should never be shoved into a locker or wedged into a book bag as this may break the screen.
  • Unattended devices will be collected and stored in the school’s technology office.
  • Chromebooks should be shut down when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • Students should use the device on a flat and stable surface. Students should never “work on” the device while walking around the classroom or down the hallways.
  • To prevent damage, never expose a device to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight.
  • The devices do not respond well to liquids. Avoid applying liquids to the device.
  • The device can be cleaned with a clean soft anti-static or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the device.
  • The device comes with a case. The role of the case is to protect the device, especially while the chromebook is being transported. When not in use, leave the device in its case at all times.
  • The device and provided case must remain free of any permanent writing, drawing,stickers or labels that are not the property of the Belvidere School District.
  • Avoid placing weight on the device screen or placing anything on the Chromebook keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, or notebooks). Weight on the case or items between the keyboard and the screen can damage the screen.
  • The device comes equipped with camera and video capabilities. As with all recording devices, it is best practice and common courtesy to ask permission before recording an individual or group. Students must obtain school permission to publish a photograph or video of any school-related activity. These functions should only ever be utilized if a school assignment requires them to be used.
  • Students should recognize and guard their personal and private information. While on the Internet, students shall not reveal personal information, including a home address or phone number, or the address or phone numbers of other students.

Parents’ Role in  Student Use of Technology

Belvidere School District 100 recognizes that with new technologies come new challenges to both teachers and parents. Below is a series of suggestions that may aid you, the parent, in guiding your child’s use of the device.

  • Parents are encouraged to use the Internet with your child to help develop safe surfing habits. Children often model adult behavior.
  • Go where your child goes online. Monitor the places that your child visits. Let your child know that you're there, and help teach her/him how to act as s/he works and socializes online.
  • Encourage your student(s) to share with you items (homework,projects,etc) they are working on in class.
  • Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the apps or websites that your student is utilizing in school.

Parents should read and share the Belvidere Community Unit School District 100 Student User Agreement with their student(s). By doing so, both parents and students develop clear sets of expectations and limitations for the students.

Fee for Incidental Damage   

Should the device be damaged beyond normal wear and tear (i.e abuse, neglect, intentional damage) the student/parent/guardian will be charged a fee for needed repairs, not to exceed the replacement cost of the ChromeBook. The District administration will make the final determination of any fees assessed. 

Counseling Program

Information on the counseling program available at Washington Academy​

Goal:​ To provide a comprehensive counseling program that aims to meet the needs of all students through the support of academic achievement, social/emotional development, and career exploration in order to create a caring climate and atmosphere.​​

Services:​ School Guidance Curriculum​​

  • Lessons that highlight character traits such as respect, responsibility, perseverance, trustworthiness, patience, and honesty
  • Goal Setting and decision making
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Diversity/bullying awareness
  • Academic support, including organizational, study and test-taking skills​

​​​​Responsive Services​​

  • Individual and small-group counseling
  • Individual/family/school crisis intervention
  • Conflict resolution
  • Consultation/collaboration/communication with administration, teachers, parents/families and community members
  • Referrals/resources provided to families for services outside of the district​

​​​​System Support​​

  • PBIS support/training for teachers
  • Team building and reviewing data to provide intervention for academic and social/emotional success
  • Professional development​​

​Parent Resources​​

Bullying Resources​​

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Susan Rand, Washington Academy School Counselor
815-544-3124, ext. 3951
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clubs and Activities

Agriculture Book Club

Who: 5th graders

Open to students in 5th grade. Watch for more details in the Spring for this interactive book discussion that combines agriculture topics with the book, The Thing About Luck.

Breakfast Book Club

Tuesdays - First Grade
Wednesdays - Second Grade
Thursdays - Third Grade
Where: Room 122, Ms. Furst
When: 7:25 AM

Want to hear a great story while eating your breakfast? Come to the Breakfast Bookclub.  Meet in room 122 at 7:25.  You can get breakfast from the cafeteria or bring your own from home.  After we read the book, we will have some time to share our ideas about the book and then you will be sent to class by 7:35.

What to Bring: Just your breakfast.  (If you ate at home but want to join the club, that is ok too.)

Math Counts

Who: 5th - 8th Graders
When: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
Where: Room 111, Mr. Frew's Room

MathCounts is a club where students come for the challenge of working together to solve math puzzles, while doing so, they work toward higher levels of recognition by the national MathCounts organization.

MeriSTEM Garden Club

Who: 4th and 5th graders
Where: Room 105 1/2, Mrs. Roberts

The MeriSTEM Garden club installed three raised beds at Washington Academy during the spring of 2016. Club is open to grades 4­-5. Some of the club activities include composting, starting seedlings with heirloom seeds and practicing organic gardening techniques. We also meet during the summer to maintain the garden and to enjoy the delicious veggies!

4th/5th Grade Robotics

Who: 4th and 5th graders
Where: RM: 114 - 2 days per month

4th/5th grade robotics is a club to expose students to engineering of robotics as well as to empower students to become leaders and contributors of tomorrow in the STEM world. 

Robotics Competition Team

Who: 6th - 8th graders
Where: Room 114, Mrs. Jevremovic 

This team is a competition team competing in the First Lego League against other middle schools in the area.  It is open to 6th-8th grade students.  We will be utilizing EV3 programming software with EV3 robots.  The objective of this club is to introduce students to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies.  The team will involve students in the development, building, and programming of a LEGO EV3 robot.  Students will also work as a team to produce a project regarding this year's First Lego League project which changes year to year.

Students must have their own transportation at 3:30.  There will be no busing.

Safety Patrol

Who: 5th graders and Elite
When: Before and/or after school Meetings are once a month on Wednesdays
Where: Room 108, Mr. Patterson

Safety Patrol is open to 5th graders and the Elite team. Patrollers must be available before and/or after school and have the year­round responsibility for crossing students safely across streets. As thanks for their commitment, the Belvidere Police Department sponsors a picnic at the end of the school year in their honor.

Students must have their own transportation at 3:00.  There will be no busing.

Student Council

Who: 5th - 8th Graders
When:  1st and 3rd Thursday of each month in Ms. Keller's room 110.
Where: Room 110,  Ms. Keller and Mrs. Jevremovic

Student Council is open to 5th-­8th grades. There are officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster) and classroom reps from each 5th-­8th grade classroom.

Student Council provides students with an opportunity to discuss issues of school, promote school spirit, and serve the school and community with service projects. Students also learn parliamentary procedures during student council meetings.

Some events Student Council have planned and/or participated in are...Winter food drive for Community Cupboard, Salvation Army bell ringing, Pasta for Pennies fundraiser for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, school­wide events such as Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, Teacher Appreciation week, Barnes & Noble fundraiser and Applebee's Pancake fundraiser for our Reading department and many more.

Students are required to follow rules and expectations. These include:
• Attend all student council meetings
• Maintain a “C” average in each subject
• Expected to have appropriate behavior during student council meetings and in the classroom
• Expected to bring ideas to each meeting and participate appropriately

Students must have their own transportation at 3:00. There will be no busing.

Tech­KNOW Kids

Who: 5th -­ 8th graders
When: Every other Monday 2:15 - 3:00
Where: Mrs. Schiesher's room

Tech-KNOW Kids Club is a technology maker's space where members consult with Mrs. Schiesher to develop a project that they love and are passionate about! Students can choose projects related to many STEM projects including internet coding, computer animation, robotics, 3-D printing, working with electrical circuits and much more! 

Students must have their own transportation at 3:00. There will be no busing.

Yearbook Club

Who: 6th - 8th graders
When: Tuesday and Thursday 2:15 - 3:00 beginning after winter break
Where: Room 140, Mrs. Magallanes

6th-­8th grade students are invited to participate each week in our Yearbook Club. This year we will be holding Yearbook Club twice a week (one day being an optional lab day).

Students must have their own transportation at 3:00.  There will be no busing. 


Community Partnerships

Partnerships with Local Businesses and Organizations​

Two Froggy Jumps
Ag in the Classroom (Winnebago/Boone Farm Bureau)
Alpine Bank
Illinois State University
Junior Achievement
Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association (NIBCA)
Northwoods Care Center
U of I Extension
U S Postal Service

Student Activities

Students and parents participated in a Title 1 reading event called Valentines for Veterans.  Students listened to a guest speaker, Mr. Harry Gries, who is a veteran and also a former administrator in District 100.  Then, the students made Valentines that will be taken to the VA hospitals and given to our country’s veterans.  It was a wonderful afternoon!