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Short Descriptions of Clubs and Activities from Sponsors

Art Club
Sponsor                                                             Tami Burnett

Art Club is held in room 410 from 3:15-5:00 P.M. the first and third Mondays of the month with occasional additional Mondays as projects render. Art Club provides artistic opportunities beyond the time frames and walls of the traditional classroom. Projects range from conventional individual artwork, group projects, to charity and community artwork. Students work with a wide variety of tools and materials to explore and expand their artistic capabilities.

Art examples and contact information.pdf 

Student Council

Sponsor                                                             Hannah Rognstad

                                                                               Daisy Mechler

Student Council Election Form

Parent Resources

Belvidere South Middle School Report Card

Access the Belvidere South Middle School Report Card here:
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test Links:
Parent Toolkit
MAP Math Practice by RIT Band
MAP Reading Practice by RIT Band

Short YouTube Videos produced by Northern Illinois University on how parents can help their child with reading strategies at home.  Reading Strategies for parents - YouTube videos

Career Cruising:

Career Cruising is an internet-based career guidance and planning system that can be accessed from school or home. It is available to BSMS students, families, and friends. Career Cruising helps guide students through high school with a timeline of activities and dates. The program explores post high school education, training, and careers. It gives information on financial assistance and job outlook. Information includes schools and programs from all 50 states.

Check it out by clicking on the link above.
Please call Mrs. Jacobson at 815-544-3175 or ask your student for username and password.

Tips on Using the New eSchool Home Access Center

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Parent Input Form


BSMS Sport Coaches and Schedules 2018-2019


Sports Coach Schedule
8th Grade Head Coach Mr. Avila Football 2018
8th Grade Assistant Coach Mr. Hill  
7th Grade Head Coach Mr. Duran  
7th Grade Assistant Coach Mr. Larson  
8th Grade Head Coach Ms. Reynolds Volleyball 2018
7th Grade Head Coach Ms. Douglas  
Assistant Coach    
Pom Pons    
Coach Ms. Turnipseed  
Assistant Coach Ms. Humphrey  
Cross Country    
Coach Mr. Brooks Cross Country 2018
Assistant Coach Ms. Lyons  
Coach Mr. Wesselhoff Soccer 2018
Coach Ms. Balk  
Boy's Basketball    
8th Grade Head Coach Mr. Pester Boys Basketball 2018
7th Grade Head Coach Mr. Duran  
Girl's Basketball    
Coach Mr. Duran Girls Basketball 2019
Assistant Coach    
Coach   Wrestling 2018-2019
Assistant Coach    
Co Head Coach Mr. Wesselhoff Track 2018
Co Head Coach Ms. Balk  
Assistant Coach Ms. Costello  
Assistant Coach Mr. Duran  






































Conference Directions

Athletic Competitions Directions



(Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a national program, which encourages good school attendance, positive behaviors and academic success.  Students receive several items throughout the year to reinforce these behaviors.  When students achieve honor roll (a 3.25 GPA or above) for one quarter they will receive a pencil and coupon to a local activity, for 2 quarters they will receive a bumper sticker, for 3 quarters they will receive a t-shirt.  If they earn straight A’s for the year they will receive a lunch provided by the school at a local restaurant.

PBIS Matrix 2016-2017

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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