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Dual Language

Dual Language Immersion

The Belvidere School District offers Dual Language Immersion Programs that value the equal acquisition of two languages, English and Spanish.  Students participating in this program spend half of the day learning academic content in English and half of the day learning academic content in Spanish.  Dual Language Immersion classrooms develop bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students, who are able to achieve proficiency in both English and Spanish within an environment that embraces diversity and strives for excellence. District 100 offers two Dual Language Immersion programs; One Way Immersion and Two Way Immersion. All programs follow the same 50/50 model of language instruction for kindergarten through fifth grades.

One Way Immersion

Meehan Elementary School and Washington Academy offer a One Way Immersion program. The One Way Immersion program consists of a class makeup of native Spanish speaking students who are evaluated and identified as English Learners. 

Two Way Immersion

Lincoln Elementary School and Seth Whitman Elementary School offer a Two Way Immersion program. The Dual Language- Two Way Immersion program consists of a class makeup that integrates native English speaking students with native Spanish speaking students. Each year 22 English speaking students and 22 Spanish speaking students are accepted into the Dual Language -Two Way Immersion program at the kindergarten level. Entrance into the program is based on an evaluation and application process.

Contact Information

​Rachell Anderson

​Director of ELL
​(815) 547-7637

Celeste Mootrey​

​Administrative Assistant
​(815) 544-8503


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