FLood Waters in Bear Creek Neighborhood
Lincoln Elementary School is joining together to help a Bear Creek Elementary classroom in Katy, Texas whose students were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. They have “adopted” Mrs. Pallavincini’s 5th grade classroom and LES is looking to the community to extend a helping hand. Monetary donations are being accepted until October 13 to help purchase ear buds/headphones and books that students lost due to the flood waters.

An estimated 15,007 of the 77,835 students enrolled at the Katy Independent School District (KISD) were directly affected by the flood water, many of those families will have to start over. It could be year or more before everything is back to normal at the KISD following the massive flooding in the area that resulted from Hurricane Harvey.

The Bear Creek Village that is home to Bear Creek Elementary has over 1,100 of its 1,400 homes flooded and most are unlivable. Many are still in the process of clearing and tearing out homes so they can be sprayed for mold and begin drying out for rebuild.

Please consider dropping off a monetary donation to the LES main office by October 13.

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