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Our Mission

Cultivate academic success so that our students become lifelong learners, innovators, and contributors to society.

From Our Community

Thank You Teachers Flag

"I would like to give praise every single staff member at Everest from the administrative to teachers and secretary staff."

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Mr. Balsley has gone out of his way to help my daughter with STATs when she has needed it. She always has positive things to say about him. I appreciate that he cares enough to give his time to help his students."

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Mr. Zabel is one of the best as of yet!!! He praises and builds their self esteem up and teaches in ways the child understands."

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"Mrs. Johnson is an amazing teacher, she has done a wonderful job supporting my daughter and providing extra help when needed."

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"My student had a very encouraging experience with his chemistry teacher, Mrs. Bove, after coming in after school to complete a lab. After he completed the lab, she complimented him on his performance on the most recent test - which showed him she knew who he was. He called me from the parking lot to tell me! Thank you Ms Bove for recognizing my quiet student. He feels like you really care about him and that goes a long way."

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"Mr. Wolfgram is an exemplary instructor. He has made a significant, positive impact on our student’s adjustment to a new district and first year of high school. His effort to provide new opportunities for band students to expand their skill set is noticed and appreciated. We are impressed by how often he gives a variety of students the chance to lead and shine."

News & Events

Perry Garden

Mrs. Mund and some Perry students pulled some weeds, picked some green beans, watered, and checked out the exciting things happening in the Perry Garden. It was a quick, unexpected gathering but always great to see students and catch up on their summer. 

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D100 has drafted a potential plan to provide purposeful learning even when students are not able to be physically present in the school building due to inclement weather.

We will provide information regarding this proposal at a public hearing immediately prior to our regularly-scheduled July Board meeting.  The public hearing will be at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 17th at the D100 Central Office at 1201 5th Avenue in Belvidere with the regular Board meeting to follow.

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