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Mandated Instruction

Illinois law prescribes the courses of study and learning standards that all students are expected to learn in grades PK-12 in Illinois public schools. Illinois law allows parents/guardians to request 'opt outs' regarding only specific curricular topics, as follows:

  • Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Family Life Class (not offered in D100)
  • HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Avoiding sexual abuse (Erin's Law annual programming)
  • Instruction on organ/tissue and blood donor and transplantation programs
  • Animal dissection

Parents can access the district opt-out form here. This form will also be shared with families ahead of instruction when participating in middle school or high school health education courses.

For topics where a legal opt-out is not listed, a parent can complete a Curriculum Objection Form to express objections to a unit of study or resource. The form should then be submitted to the building principal. The concern will be investigated and any involved materials reviewed to determine whether a change in curriculum or resources is warranted, based on IL curriculum and mandates. Parents are always encouraged to make contact first with a classroom teacher when there is a concern about your child or their participation in a specific course or classroom.

PreK-12 Textbooks & Resources Used for Instruction

Priority Standards, Proficiency Scales (K-5), and Course Guides (6-12)

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Elementary (K-5)

Middle School (6-8)

High School (9-12)