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Board President Shout Outs - August 2023

Board President Shout Out Photo

At our August Board meeting our Board President, Sarah Brenner, recognized the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Julia Mortimore, 4th Grade, PES -  Mrs. Mortimore is a new teacher in our district in our district and she's had to overcome many obstacles.  She moved here from Texas because her husband was deployed in the military and would not be home for months, at least.  She moved by herself, tried to have a house built and set up. She ran into many types of adversity but came through like a champion.  She recently found that soon she'll have to have knee surgery and be in rehab the better part of the summer.  Above all she's kept a great attitude and is a fantastic addition to District 100. Submitted by Gregory Zarembski 

Maria Alvarado, Dual Language, 2nd Grade, MES -  She goes far away from her teaching responsibilities, she has empathy and love for them.  She makes connections with her students and makes a difference in their lives.  Submitted by Victoria Butler 

Teresa Medina, Dual Language, Kindergarten, MES - She is a great team player, great colleague and supportive friend. She is a great teacher and always shares her ideas to improve in our classroom.  Submitted by Paola Butler 

Nataly Garcia, Learning Center Assistant, MES - She always supports and gives the students the best to keep engaged in reading and the best use of the library!  She makes the library time an adventure.  Submitted by Paola Butler)

Janna Tuminaro, Social Worker, LES -  Janna works so hard for students and fellow staff.  Submitted by Dylan Barr 

Jaci Riggins, English Teacher, BHS - Jaci is always make sure that the logistics of BHS are top tier.  She also has done a lot of work with administration to make sure that staff are collecting valuable feedback from students.  Jaci set the bar high for educators, and I am glad to work with her each day!  Submitted by Ariana Sanders

Jessica Lancaster, District Wide Instructional Coach, BCMS - Jess has been an asset to me as I am preparing for next school year.  She is a strong advocate for our teachers and always provides our team with valuable insight to better understand the needs and wants of our staff.  Jess approaches every day with the mindset of doing what is best for our teachers, students, and CMS overall.  We are fortunate to have her as a leader in our building.  Submitted by Casey Getty

Jessica Lancaster, District Wide Instructional Coach, BCMS - I want to give staff member a shout out because as a couch to our building, she always goes above and beyond expectations.  She has been nothing but supportive.  CMS is very lucky to have her!  Way to go Jessica!.  Submitted by Johana Avila

Michael Ries, Special Education, BHS - He will roll up his sleeves and help with anything.  He always has our backs. Submitted by Timothy Sullivan

Michael Ries, Special Education, BHS - He is very engaged with each student. Always looking for the best for them, he does not treat each student the same.  He knows how to work with each student individually due to their ability.  I have worked with teachers through out the district that work with kids with disabilities and he shows so much more support for each student.  Submitted by Stacey Watson

Selina Ceniceros, Bilingual Aide, WA - Selina consistently checks in with the students she sees.  She is a huge help when working with our newcomer ELLs and goes above and beyond to help them create meaning in the new words they encounter every day.  Selina is considerate of the student's needs and will address their needs to myself and staff for support. Selina handles the students' social-emotional problems naturally by making simple conversations with the students and offers different perspectives to them about their situation.  Selina has been a great addition to WA this year and it has been a pleasure working with her in my fifth grade classroom.  Submitted by Freddy Alvarez

Maggie Blackburn, Social Studies, BCMS - She is awesome at creating materials that are engaging for our 8th grade social studies students.  She is also wonderful to collaborate with, and I don't know what I  would have done this year without her support.  Submitted by Caitlin Burke

Rebecca Kamp, TBE/TPI Teacher, MES - Rebecca continuously provides support and utilizes her expertise in TPI, and the results of her hard work are very evident in our Dual Language Program at MES.  It is because of this that our Dual Language program at Meehan is such a success.  Submitted by Tammy Chapman

Rebecca Kamp, TBE/TPI Teacher, MES - Rebecca is always on top of things, and does a fantastic job collaborating with staff throughout the building.  She is not afraid to ask questions, and always works to ensure that the best interest of students is being met.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern


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