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Board President Shout Outs - July 2023

Board President Shout Out Photo

At July's Board meeting our Board President, Sarah Brenner, recognized the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

⭐️Stacey Haight, Hillary Kessler, Julie Mateja, and Angela Schadle, PES - These interventionists have gone above and beyond assisting students and staff members. They all have brought an incredible amount of dedication and commitment to our school. Each one has provided a positive impact on our students academically, emotionally, and socially.

⭐️Natasha Gadomski, SMS - Natasha is an amazing team leader. She is proactive, supportive, collaborative and always has time for her team. Each and every day she demonstrates patience and kindness with her team members and all of our students. I hope this little ‘shout out’ demonstrates the appreciation I have for her and the outstanding work she does all year long.

⭐️Steve Holt, CES - Steve is always putting students and staff first. He works diligently to provide the best support he can for his students. He meets with classroom teachers to ensure his lessons are targeted to each of his students' needs. He substitutes with a smile, because he knows teachers need that support, despite the disruption to his own teaching. He runs 2 after school clubs, and also does tutoring 2 days a week. Steve is an all around wonderful person to work with.

⭐️Lulia Sarmiento, CMS - Lulia has developed a Spanish cohort group for teachers at CMS. She organizes monthly meetings where teachers connect and have fun learning Spanish vocabulary to use with our students in the classroom. Our teachers are enjoying using words and phrases with our newcomers, EL, and DL students.

⭐️Andrew Lambaren, BNHS - He supports our students and staff in a timely manner and always with a smile. He is dedicated to our school and works very hard! We are lucky to have him at North!!

Congratulations to each of you! Thank you for all you do for D100!

📸 L to R: Angela Schadle, Julie Mateja, Sarah Brenner, Natasha Gadomski, Steve Holt, Lulia Sarmiento & Andrew Lambaren

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