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Board President Shout Outs - June 2023

Board President Shout Out Photo

Starting in May, D100 staff nominated their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting. We received many nominations and a few of them were recognized during June's Board meeting by our Board President, Sarah Brenner.

June's shout outs went to:

⭐️Lisa Britton, OP, BCMS - She is always very pleasant when I call her and ask for clarification on a process pertaining to her school and always very helpful. If she does not know the answer she tells me she will get back to me. I also notice that if I call her and she misses my call she calls me back. Submitted by Rosa Belmontes (Operational Resources)

⭐️Treasure Bock, Kindergarten Para, PES - Treasure Bock is a kindergarten paraprofessional in my classroom. She is an asset in our classroom and to our school. She goes above and beyond on a regular basis to make sure each student has a successful day at school. She listens to students’ stories and finds out their interests. Mrs. Bock will help with any task I ask for her to do. She has been a lifesaver each year that I’ve had the pleasure of working with her. (Operational Resources)

⭐️Nicole Brinkman, Instructional Coach, PES - She has been very supportive and flexible with Perry students and classrooms. She is very helpful, knowledgeable, and recognizes struggles/concerns teachers and students encounter. Nicole has done a wonderful job as an instructional coach bringing new ideas to our Perry Family. Thank you, Nicole for your hard work and dedication to our students and staff! (Academic Growth and Achievement)

⭐️Megan Hursh, Kindergarten, PES - She has had to work with a large group of 25 students without a teaching partner and many other obstacles. She has done an amazing job keeping students engaged and successful. Super proud of her! (Academic Growth and Achievement)

⭐️Tasha Rayas, AP, MES - She has been a great addition to our school district and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge that she is willing to share. Submitted by Megan Johnson (Premier Workforce)

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

📸 L to R: Treasure Bock, Tasha Rayas, Sarah Brenner & Lisa Britton

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