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School Board Shout Outs - October 2023


At our October Board meeting the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Renee Endress, Everest High School - Renee is an amazing coworker who has made working here at Everest a treat!  We co-plan almost all of our lessons to bring effective connections between science and math.  Her ability to bring relevant material to her students while with my science curriculum is phenomenal!  I have to admit that through working with Renee, I have learned a lot more of how math and science can be intertwined and reinforced through collaborative learning!  I can't say enough at how much I love working at Everest with a such a highly qualified co-teacher.   Submitted by James Hotchkiss
Stephanie Myers, Central Middle School - Stephanie works in all of our buildings as our only Hearing Impaired Itinerant.  She is always professional with her communication with our families and building teams.  She understands her role and is always educating others on how best to support our students with hearing concerns.  She is an excellent example of someone that goes above and beyond.  We are very fortunate that she is one our team!  Submitted by Theresa Montalbano
Jim Ivacic, South Middle School - Mr. Ivacic is an excellent and committed teacher who does not always receive the recognition and celebration he truly deserves.  He is one of the most committed and hard working teachers in our building.  He frequently stays late, accommodates student needs and acts above and beyond in his collaboration and professionalism with his coworkers, co-teachers and staff members.  His work ethic is second to none, and his friendly demeanor makes him extremely easy to work with.  All the students know him and respect him.  He is a huge asset to the school and community who has been under the radar for too long.  
Michelle Benitez, Meehan Elementary School - Michelle is great to work with.  She knows the answer to almost all SPED related questions, and if she doesn't, she will either find the answer or direct you to someone who will know.  She is fantastic at her job, and I greatly appreciate that she completes our SPED evaluations and does an amazing job with them!  Also, she is great at giving feedback on your work, and constantly provides compliments and suggestions for work well done and areas for improvement.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Julie Flynn, Meehan Elementary School - Julie is very responsive to student needs.  When needed, she responds quickly to situations, and does a wonderful job deescalating students.  She is also very aware of all the different factors effecting students at school, and is able to provide numerous suggestions to help combat the challenges.  She is also a great resource for teachers to learn strategies that they can implement in their own practice.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Jody Brown, Meehan Elementary School - Jody is a fantastic nurse, who is able to answer all health related questions for students and adults.  She has a lot of great knowledge to help her provide the best care to everyone in the building.  She is very kind and is a great listener.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Megan Propp, Meehan Elementary School - Megan is an excellent teacher and she is great to collaborate with.  She provides me with all of the relevant information I need to be able to best support my student in her class.  She also has an excellent handle on the content she teaches and way to support students to help them make progress and achieve success, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally as well.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Megan Propp, Meehan Elementary School - She goes above and beyond with with students.  I love how she has the students see and discuss their individual academic goals and celebrates their achievements.  She also meets her students where they are and has great interventions for me to carry out with my groups.  Submitted by Jessica Beaudet
Nicole Onken, Meehan Elementary School - Nicole is wonderful at being flexible and handling whatever is thrown her way.  She has had a lot on her plate this past year and has done a fantastic job managing it all.  She has a lot of really great ideas and strategies that are beneficial not only to the SPED team, but also to the entire staff.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Jennifer Sheppard, Meehan Elementary School - Jenny is great at collaborating with other teachers to find solutions that are in the best interest of students and provide instruction that meets the needs of all learners.  She has a multitude of great resources and strategies.  She is a wonderful problem solver, and has lots of great ideas to tackle the problems in front of her.  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern
Pam Fowler, Meehan Elementary School - Pam is a fantastic paraprofessional.  She is kind, patient, and understanding for even the most challenging students.  She will try many different strategies and give students various options to solve problems.  She collaborates well with teachers and works well as part of a team.  Pam shows up day after day ready to give her best!  Submitted by Kaitlin Stern

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

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