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Emergency Day e-Learning Proposal


Although the weather has been hot outside, in D100 we are already thinking ahead to winter weather and the challenges that it can present for our students, staff and families.  Because we know it can be difficult for students, staff and families to extend the school year by multiple days, D100 is interested in pursuing an option to provide remote instruction to students on emergency (snow) days.  In order to provide this option, D100 has drafted a potential plan to provide purposeful learning even when students are not able to be physically present in the school building due to inclement weather.  It is important to note that this would provide the option of a remote day instead of an emergency/snow day, but it would not mean that all snow days would be eliminated.

We will provide information regarding this proposal at a public hearing immediately prior to our regularly-scheduled July Board meeting.  The public hearing will be at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 17th at the D100 Central Office at 1201 5th Avenue in Belvidere with the regular Board meeting to follow.  We invite you to join us should you have any input or feedback or wish to learn more about the proposed plan to provide a remote learning option to students in the event of an emergency day.

Should the D100 Board approve the e-Learning proposal, we will share complete information with students, staff and families on what to anticipate regarding remote learning on emergency days.