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School Board Shout Outs - December 2023

School Board Shout Outs - December 2023

At our December Board meeting the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Jacquelyn Bay, Meehan Elementary - Jackie transitioned her classroom of students with Autism to Meehan Elementary School.  She has advocated for her students and herself to get the unique materials, furniture and curriculum to support each student's individual needs.  She worked hard to make sure everything was in place before the first day of school.  She is an example of collaborative culture and the benefit it has on our students and families.  Submitted by Theresa Montalbano
Lauryn Straub, Meehan Elementary - Lauryn transitioned her class of students with autism to Meehan Elementary School.  She has done a fantastic job preparing and supporting her families and students during this transition.  She supports her students throughout the building and has set high expectation for class.  We are fortunate to have her on our team.  You inspire me!  Submitted by Theresa Montalbano
Stephanie Myers, Washington Academy - As a parent and staff member, I am recognizing Stephanie because she has been amazing with my daughter Adelyn since she was in kindergarten.  This year she has helped make the transition to middle school smooth.  She is always willing to help ensure my daughter has the tools she needs, that her teachers are aware of those needs, and they have what they need to make it a successful learning environment.  Stephanie goes out of her way to be a supportive ear and is willing to try new things with Adelyn when new needs arise.  I have felt in Adelyn's success in school has been anything but a priority and since I've work with some of her other students, I know she feels this way about all of them.  She is forever advocating for what they need.  I cannot say enough about what a wonderful blessing she has been to us.  Submitted by Meredith McKnight
Mary Bawinkel - Mary serves as the School-Home Coordinator for D100 and works directly with families on truancy prevention.  I have worked with Mary for over 17 years and she tirelessly supports our families by working together to ensure their child attends school on a regular basis.  It is a very tough job.  Mary is always professional, firm, and supportive and instills hope and encouragement with our most at-risk families. Submitted by Megan Johnson
Joy Bauman - Joy is responsive to staff needs, and is creating a collaborative and cohesive early childhood program! Submitted by Courtney Adkins 
Joy goes above and beyond to ensure staff needs are met. She is creating a collaborative culture to support the needs of all students. We are grateful to have her lead our Early Childhood team.  
Johana Avila, Central Middle School - Johana is the best!  She makes sure that her class is engaging, but also is awesome at collaborating with other coworkers and is a person who can take an idea to the next level.  I love talking and brainstorming new ideas for our lessons. Submitted by Luisa Cruz  
Johana is always looking for new and fun ways to each our students.  She has been working over the past two weeks to arrange a Skype interview with an archaeologist from North Carolina.  Last night, she met with Dr. Wesp from North Carolina State University via Skype and recorded the interview in both English and Spanish for all 6th grade Social Studies teachers to play for our students this week.  This will allow us to give our students a firsthand account of what an archaeology career entails and how it impacts our understanding of world history.  Johana goes above and beyond not just for her own students, but for all of our kids as well as our PLC group!  We are so fortunate to have her!  Submitted by Sara Wolf
Andi Bould, South Middle School - Andi has amazing energy.  She always sees the best in all her students and goes above and beyond to make a personal connection with each student.  Working countless hours to make sure her students have thoughtful and engaging activities, she still finds time to support them in their extra curricular activities as well.  When a student has a challenging day, or is struggling, she comes from a place of kindness and compassion to help guide them through.  She is genuine, trustworthy, and most definitely inspiring.  Submitted by Aly Shillingburg
Karen Ortiz-Rendon, Belvidere High School - Ms. Ortiz-Rendon goes above and beyond to make sure that all EL students are seen and included at BHS.  Ms. Ortiz-Rendon puts an incredible amount of time and energy into creating a safe, fun, and engaging environment in and outside of the classroom.  She also does amazing work with our students in Multicultural Club.  It's an honor and privilege to work with someone like Karen who is passionate about making learning accessible and engaging for our multilingual learners.  Thanks for all you do amiga!  
Chris Stein - There have been a lot of changes in the IT department this year and Chris has served as a leader in his department. Throughout various transitions in his department, Chris has clearly communicated concerns and opportunities to district leadership to promote reliable service, a healthy work environment, and to ensure students and teachers have the resources they need.  Chris never hesitates to help others when help is needed and is always a pleasure to work with; our school district is fortunate to have Chris Stein as a part of our team and community.  Submitted by Dave Carson

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

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