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School Board Shout Outs - January 2024

School Board Shout Outs - January 2024

At our January Board meeting the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Samuel Peters, Belvidere High School- Mr. Peters has been such an asset in his new role as a coach.  Whenever there are questions or concerns about support students and staff, Mr. Peters consistently makes himself available to help all stakeholders.  I personally appreciate him taking the time to ask questions so that he can have a deeper understanding of the social studies content.  Thank you for supporting our team!  You're the best, Sam!  Submitted by Miss Sanders 
Norma Garcia, Belvidere North High School - Norma is the ultimate team player at Belvidere North.  If other OP's are out, she is willing to step up and cover their desk and keeps a smile on her face.  She has a constant positive attitude and is welcoming to all staff. She is the #1 person in the building who keeps it running as smoothly as it does, and we cannot thank her enough!
Kim Gengler, Belvidere North High School - Kim is a committed paraprofessional and an asset to D100.  She handles her assignments with grace even when the situation may be difficult to manage.  She has a special way about her that students and staff appreciate.  Kim is an inspiration to those who work with her!  Submitted by Theresa Montalbano, Kim Ramsby, and Liz Schurman
Christy Morgan, Belvidere North High School - Christy is an amazing partner and employee.  Teachers know they can come to her for help, and feel supported.  She is kind, patient, and generous! Christy is also one of the most knowledgeable people I have worked with in District 100.  Her technology knowledge, and the ability to problem solve are unmatched.  Her knowledge base, paired with her ability to troubleshoot and research, makes her an invaluable asset.  BNHS is lucky to have her! Submitted by Sarah Rehn
Amy Parrinello, Belvidere Central Middle School - Amy is a wonderful paraprofessional and I am lucky to have her in my math class.  She does a great job working with and helping the students. She was hired late, but already knows the students' strengths and weaknesses.  She has helped me make a safe learning environment for the kids! Submitted by Jody Arncher
Lisa Wiltse, Belvidere Central Middle School - Lisa comes in early to get lessons ready.  She has been so helpful to me in providing me with resourced to help the students.  Thank you, Lisa!  Submitted by Cindy Brynteson
Melita Ogan, Belvidere South Middle School - Melita filled in a for a maternity position at Central for a little over a month and she made such a lasting impact on the staff and students. We were so lucky to have her in sixth grade for the short time that we did and we wish her the best of luck at South.  She brought so many fun and new ideas to the team, and was always willing to help out.  She puts her students first and does a great job with planning and working with others! Submitted by Carrie Scarbrough
Lorena Castillo, Meehan Elementary School - Lorena's work with our international teachers is amazing!  She goes above and beyond to support them both professionally and personally.  I know she commits many after hours time to help our teachers feel welcome to both our school and our local communities. She spends countless hours helping them culturally assimilate and find the resources they need personally and professional to be successful! She has helped them find housing, set up bank accounts, walked through important HR documents, and introduced them to Zumba and other community wide events. In addition, Lorena goes above and beyond to serve D100.  She is involved with multiple district wide committees outside contract hours including, evaluation, policy, DLI curriculum, and ELA committees.  She is passionate about bi-literacy and works tirelessly to help others understand the unique needs of our dual language students.  This not only includes academic needs, she has also stepped in and organized item drives to help some of our newcomers. Submitted by Karen Blomgren
Jenn McCormick, Washington Academy - Jenn is a strong voice for teachers in District 100, and not just as the vice-president of the BEA. Jenn is a respected special education teacher who is often called on for her wisdom and expertise.  She respects her students, and gives them the support they need to succeed.  The number of committees Jenn is a part of or attends regularly is large, but she is a voice in the district that is always calm, always wise, and always respected.  Submitted by Wendy Taylor

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

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