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School Board Shout Outs - March 2024

School Board Shout Outs - March 2024

At our March Board meeting the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Zoraya Green and Petra Garcia Holm, Lincoln Elementary - I want to give Mrs. Green and Mrs. Garcia Holm a shout for everything they do for my student. They continuously support my student in his academics and find different and engaging ways to help challenge him.  Our family is grateful for all they do and we are very lucky to have them in our district! - Submitted by Johana Avila
Dave Fischer, Meehan Elementary - Dave is one of the most hard working and dedicated custodians that I've ever worked with!  He not only keeps Meehan looking good, but he will help fix, clean, or deliver something in the moment!  He is always in a positive mood (except for when he has to watch his Chicago Bears lose to my Green Bay Packers ... LOL).  Numerous times, he has literally dropped what he was doing to help others out and never complained about it.  Dave is well deserving of a shout out, even from across town! - Submitted by Kristine Frank
Carleen Fahey, Washington Academy - Carleen has an AMAZING work ethic to get her jobs done everyday!! Washington Academy is well taken care of and clean due to Carleen working so diligently and quickly!  Once she knows about a concern, it is fixed or dealt with almost immediately!  It is obvious that her building being tidy and organized is important to her!  I appreciate Carleen's fun, caring, and positive attitude, and I truly enjoy working with her here at Washington!! - Submitted by Kristine Frank
Melody Johnson, Washington Academy - Melody is a ROCK STAR!!! She has overcome major health challenges but she doesn't let it stop her from teaching PE everyday!! For  long time now, she would teach in the morning, go to chemo, feel like crap all weekend and return as if nothing happened on Monday morning!  Melody is a very strong person, and she doesn't let treatments get in her way of 'giving it her all' at Washington!  This has been a routine for many months, in hopes that she will soon be cleared!  Melody is an awesome and dedicated co-work, and I feel lucky to teach along side her everyday! - Submitted by Kristine Frank
Sally Medearis, Washington Academy - Sally is a truly amazing co-worker at Washington Academy!  She greets everyone with a big smile and she is always showing her positive energy and dedication to her students and staff!  Sally has been a HUGE help with making my Veteran's Day assembly go amazingly well!  From teaching the students patriotic songs to sharing her singing talents with her amazing voice!  Sally not only teaches music at Washington, she is in charge of our safety patrol.  Managing students on safety patrol is a big commitment because it is every morning, every afternoon every school day, and all school year!  Sally is also in charge of our yearbook and this school year she made a beautiful butterfly garden!  Sally loves to participate in every themed school day with some of the most creative outfits I've ever seen!  One thing I find special about Sally is her commitment to learning Spanish so that she can communicate to our Spanish speaking students.  I feel lucky to work so close with Sally!  She is one awesome and dedicated D100 teacher! - Submitted by Kristine Frank
David Rilott, Washington Academy - David is an awesome and enjoyable co-worker here in our Washington PE department!  His youthfulness and positive energy makes our work environment FUN! Almost daily, we are entertained with jokes, as he thrives on laugher.  He is creative and truly enjoys teaching elementary students!  I am proud to call David a teammate and co-worker! - Submitted by Kristine Frank
Luisa Cruz, Central Middle School - Luisa works very hard to engage her students and is a great partner to collaborate with.  She takes the time to listen and understand the needs of her students.  Central Middle School is lucky to have her!  Way to go Luisa! - Submitted by Johana Avila
Carol Deutsch, Central Middle School - Carol is a new member to our team this year and we are so lucky to have her.  She comes up with creative and fun ideas for our team and the students love it.  She's not afraid to bring new ideas to meetings and has been such a positive light this year.  We appreciate all that you do! - Submitted by Carrie Scarbrough
Jaime Fagan, Central Middle School - Jaime stepped in for a maternity leave after two other teachers were in the role this year.  She came in mid year and jumped right in.  She brings awesome ideas to the team and is a great collaborator.  Anything that is asked of her she is more than willing to help. - Submitted by Carrie Scarbrough
Karen Ortiz-Rendon, Belvidere High School - Karen is truly an exceptional individual.  Her unwavering commitment to both her students and colleagues sets her apart.  Whether she's enthusiastically cheering on her students during soccer matches, or orchestrating surprise birthday celebrations for her coworkers, Karen's dedication to creating a positive and supportive environment is evident in everything she does.  Her planning prowess extends beyond memorable events; she consistently crafts engaging and effective lessons that empower students on a daily basis.  Karen goes the extra mile by offering support to her colleagues, ensuring that everyone has the tools and encouragement needed to reach their goals.  Recognizing Karen's outstanding contributions is not just a formality - it's a celebration of someone who consistently embodies the spirit of teamwork and excellence. - Submitted by Kirshna Seuring 

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

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