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School Board Shout Outs - November 2023

School Board Shout Outs - November 2023

At our November Board meeting the following D100 staff who were nominated by their fellow peers to receive a shout out during a Board meeting:

Ashley Banks, Washington Academy - Ashley has demonstrated passion for her career by being a safe place for students, being a leader in a club for several grade levels, and by using her knowledge to be a tutor.  She does a lot for our school at Washington Academy.  Ashley is also a strong and passionate person in her field.  It was very nice being able to work by her side and get to know her professional philosophy.  Keep up the great work!  Submitted by Cynthia Bowley

Cynthia Bowley, Washington Academy - Cynthia demonstrates collaborative contributions to culture within the Washington Academy school environment.  She is very welcoming, she is very passionate about teaching, and building meaningful relationships throughout the building.  She is always eager to step up and lend a hand to her colleagues with an optimistic attitude.  

Jayme Boggess, Belvidere South Middle School - I want to give Jayme a shout out because she is the "IEP" rock of our team and school.  She is amazing with all kids, and the kids on her caseload are especially lucky to have her in their corner.  Working with Jayme last year, as a co-teacher, has been a great experience and I will always be grateful to her for her collaboration and support my first year with the patriots team!  Submitted by Julie Tapia

Sami Canfield, Belvidere South Middle School - Mrs. Sami Canfield, a wonderful multi-level math teacher at South, invites all staff, both new and old, to unite together with ideas, suggestions, concerns, and questions, further enhancing the building's home away from home climate.  She is a strong asset to multiple committees and collaborates well across both interdisciplinary and grade lever teams, along with building the amazing partnership co-teachers must have in order to support their students best.  Sami strives to meet the individual needs of all students, both academically and social emotionally, maintaining strong personal connections, achievable high expectations, all while using a genuine, understanding, and warm tough love and firm approach for all of our South Middle School students.  She is reliable, communicable, and passionate in all areas of her position at South.  

Alexandra Karmis, Belvidere South Middle School - Not only is Alex easy and fun to work with, but the students truly feel safe and supported by her.  She offers a learning environment for student success and is always looking for ways to keep students engaged.  She has a short time with students during their health rotation, but she manages to cultivate relationships and connections with students in that short time.  Such a great addition to our family at South these last few years!  Submitted by Amy Douglas

Aaron Pearson, Belvidere South Middle School - Aaron goes above and beyond for our team and students.  Takes initiative to best support his co-workers and classes.  Thank you for all you do!  Submitted by Amy Douglas

Officer Steve Golden, Belvidere High School - Officer Golden has been a HUGE positive impact to our school and community.  In all my years teaching at Belvidere High School, this is the first time I have ever seen students actively and positively engaged with our SRO.  His presence in our hallways as well as after school activities is highly visible and encourages students and families for interaction.  In addition, he has made several classroom visits and partnered with Mr. Blatchford to host a Car & Bike Show.  Submitted by Lourdes Arguilar 

Mike LaScola, Everest High School - Mike and the team at Everest have built a safe and successful place for our students to shine.  I am proud to work in a District that values all learners and is willing to dream big for all of its students.  Too many of our young adults have barriers to their success.  Everest works to assist the students to be successful no matter what!  Submitted by Theresa Montalbano

Collin Crull - Buildings/Grounds - Collin consistently shows his dedication to his department and to the district by volunteering to take on the hard tasks, follow through with staff, eagerness to solve even the most complex of issues, and always a positive experience to collaborate with.  It is truly a pleasure and a gift to have Collin in D100.  Submitted by Sean Winters

Melissa Ramirez, Central Office - Melissa does an outstanding job.  How she keeps everything organized I will never know.  She is the perfect person to welcome new employees to D100.  She is a true D100 gem! Submitted by Theresa Montalbano

Congratulations everyone and thank you for all you do for D100!

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