What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (www.pbis.org) is a national program which encourages good school attendance, positive behaviors and academic success. The idea involves developing a school-wide program of positive reinforcement, rather than using a piecemeal approach. At BCMS, a committee of staff members meet regularly to work on achieving this goal.

​What is TRREK?

Belvidere Central Middle School has always prided itself as an orderly school with a high level of respect among staff and students.  As a staff, we have developed a school-wide behavior plan called “TRREK,” which is designed to create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect, and safety.  Our plan uses effective, data-driven instructional strategies, consistency, logical consequences, and positive reinforcements to teach students the skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in school and in the future.

“TRREK” will be implemented at the beginning of the school year.  Students will be informed of all of the fun details that this incentive program has to offer through an assembly and in their home base classrooms. 
The acronym “TRREK” stands for…

T = Teamwork
R = Respect
R = Responsibility
E = Empowerment
K = Knowledge

With your support and involvement, there is no question that Belvidere Central Middle School will continue to be a school where students can excel in a safe, respectful, and cooperative learning environment. ​


TRREK Store Dates

September 19
October 17
November 21
December 19
January 23
February 20
March 19
April 16
May 21


Quick Links

TRREK Behavior Matrix

PBIS Events '19-20

Kick-off Assembly
August 21

Popcorn Days
October 4
December 13
March 13 
May 8

Incentive Days 
1st Quarter:
Friday, October 18
2nd Quarter:
Friday, December 20  
3rd Quarter:
Thursday, March 19
4th Quarter TBA 

Special Events
Fall Dance/Open Gym:
Friday,  November 22
Student-Faculty Games:
Friday, January  31
Spring Dance/Open Gym:
Friday, March  13
8th Grade Formal:
Friday, May  8


Students receive paper TRREK's from teachers and other staff members for showing these good behaviors. TRREk's are saved up and used for the monthly popcorn and TRREK Store days,  and to buy into special activities at the quarterly Incentive Days.