Belvidere South Middle School believes in the importance of communicating academic objectives to students and parents. The documents below outline the quarterly objectives for each grade by subject. Please use the documents as a guide as they are in the process of being edited and refined.

6 Sci Objectives_1st.pdf​
6 Sci Objectives_2nd.pdf
6 Sci Objectives_3rd.pdf
6 Sci Objectives_4th.pdf

7 Sci Objectives_1st.pdf
​7 Sci Objectives_2nd.pdf​
7 Sci Objectives_3rd.pdf​
7 Sci Objectives_4th.pdf​

8 Sci Objectives_1st.pdf​
8 Sci Objectives_2nd.pdf​
8 Sci Objectives_3rd.pdf​
8 Sci Objectives_4th.pdf​