Curriculum and Instruction

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General Education Programs:

Elementary: K-5th Grade

In our elementary schools, the primary emphasis is placed on meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of our youngest learners.  Our schools offer consistent delivery of our core reading and mathematics curriculum which are aligned with the new Illinois Learning Standards.  Content in science, social studies, and language arts are also a part of the school day.  In addition, each elementary student participates in PE, Music, Art, and Library throughout the week.

Middle School: 6th-8th Grade

The focus of educational programs at our two 6-8 middle schools is to create a learning environment which addresses the unique needs of early adolescence.  This is accomplished through a team concept approach.  Each student is part of a team which provides a curriculum based on the new Illinois Learning Standards and is enhanced by elective courses.  Middle school students are provided with a variety of learning opportunities as they navigate the transition from elementary school to middle school, and the next transition of middle school to high school.

High School: 9th-12th Grade Instructional Resources

To prepare for today's global economy, all students need training in communications, advanced mathematics, science, and technology.  The goal of our two comprehensive high schools is to provide students with the skills needed to pursue their educational goals beyond high school.  We plan to accomplish this by requiring students to obtain 24 credits to graduate and provide them with a curriculum based on the new Illinois Learning Standards.  The school day is broken into seven; 50 minute periods. The Belvidere School District strives to provide students with the skills and competencies that will make them successful in their future endeavors.

Specialized Programs:

Pre-Kindergarten/Early Childhood

The Belvidere School District offers a half day program for students ages 3-5 years old.  The program enrolls students that are tuition based, at-risk, and/or have an Individualized Education Plan.

Special Education

The Belvidere School District offers comprehensive programs for students with disabilities ranging from consultation and direct instruction within the core curriculum to specialized service within a small group environment designed to fit the unique learning needs of our students.  The services and special education placements necessary for students with disabilities is based on an evaluation process and determined by the individual education program team.  The majority of our students receive special education services within their home school of attendance. 

Dual Language Immersion 

The Belvidere School District offers Dual Language Immersion Programs that value the equal acquisition of two languages, English and Spanish.  Students participating in this program spend half of the day learning academic content in English and half of the day learning academic content in Spanish.  The goal is that students in grades K-5 will become bilingual and biliterate in both Spanish and English. 

STEM Magnet School- Washington Academy

The Belvidere School District is home to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) magnet school that focuses on student-centered excellence through autonomous learning that emphasizes ownership and responsibility for personal growth.  This vision will develop independent, critical thinkers who will become the global, competitive leaders of tomorrow.

Contact Information

Megan Johnson

Assistant Superintendent

​​Joy Bauman

Director of Curriculum

Theresa Montalbano-Owen

​Director of Special Education

Rene Mandujano

Director of Language & Culture