Strategic Plan


The mission of the Belvidere School District is to Ensure all Learners Achieve Personal Excellence. 

During the 2016-2017 school year the district went through a 6-month strategic planning process with a team of 40 individuals from the district and the community and over 2,000 pieces of feedback from stakeholders.

The district's strategic plan outlines what we want to do to achieve that mission, and how we act while working towards it. It also helps our stakeholders understand how they fit into the big picture of the district.

Our goals for improvement in the strategic plan center around five pillars. Click below on any of the pillars to learn how our goals for the 2017-2018 school year help ensure all students achieve personal excellence.

Click here for supporting documents from the 2019-2020 refresh process.


We are working to provide a quality education for all students to ensure their preparation for career, civic, and college success. Using a student-centered learning approach, we hope to create an environment where all students are able to learn as individuals who have personalized learning experiences. Our current iniatives include:

1:1 Chromebooks for students in grades 3-10, using technology to best prepare students.

Students on laptops

Personalized and proficiency-based practices that acknowledge all students are unique.

student raising hand

Increased career preporatory experiences through AP, Dual Credit, and Certification options.

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We want to provide the best working environment for our staff as well as be the destination of choice for the best and brightest potential employees in the region. We measure employee engagement regularly and are constantly looking for ways to improve the ways we support our people. Our current efforts include:

Maintaining a nationally recognized Great Place to Work. 

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Utilizing collaborative efforts with our employee groups for joint problem solving.

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Measuring and improving district services to school-level administration.

teacher reading book to students



We know that schools work best when parents and schools work together. We want to make sure we are communicating clearly and regularly to parents and the community to make sure our families have the information they need to support their children. Our current iniatives include:

Monthly electronic newsletters to all parents from each school.

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Monthly virtual district town-hall meetings.


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Our district is a system, and we want to utilize the strength of our system to improve our efforts in our schools and classrooms. Focusing on a quality system ensures a quality education for our community's children. During the 2017-2018 school year our quality improvement efforts include:

Maintain our district's national High Reliability School certification. 

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90-day scorecarding and reporting process for all schools and departments

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The Belvidere community has high levels of trust in the continued stewardship of public funds. We want to continue wise utilization of those funds to ensure effective movement towards the mission of the strategic plan. During the 2017-2018 school year our quality improvement efforts include:

Align financial resources to continue Moody's high Aa3 bond rating.

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Measure academic programs through our effectiveness model.

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Click here for supporting documents from the 2019-2020 refresh process. 

Click here for supporting documents from the 2016-2017 planning process.