Community School Initiative

Isaac Miranda
Community Coordinator


Community School Overview

Every child should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. A community school - otherwise known as a community hub - offers academic, health, and well-being services to the community. In our district, not all families have access to the same number of resources. Children are the ones that are most impacted by these disparities.

Community schools offer children the resources not often afforded to them that are available in more affluent communities. By increasing learning engagement and opportunities, children will have more availability to explore their interests and talents. As a community school, we will partner with local agencies and nonprofit organizations to allow the unique needs of the community to be fulfilled. A large part of the vision is to provide services to the students’ whole families. Research shows that students perform better when families become more involved with school programs. By working together, we can alleviate the most pressing community issues to allow children to be more available to learn inside of the classroom.


  • To use Washington Academy during after school hours as a community hub for service delivery

  • To allow our students the opportunity to explore their talents and skills through partnership with local community organizations

  • To increase community engagement leading to a more proactive, involved, and inclusive community

  • To unite families, educators and community partners to create an environment of safety, inclusivity, and involvement

  • To provide select, tailored comprehensive supports that fulfill the needs and interests of our students and their families

Example Offerings/Schedule

Community School Application

If you're interested in partnering with us please fill out this application.