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First Student, Inc. is the student transportation provider for the Belvidere School District. At First Student, the safety and security of students transported to and from school each day is a core value. Bus drivers are committed to providing outstanding service as they, too, live and work in the community.

First Student busses offer a number of safety features such as Child Check-Mate®, an electronic reminder system designed to ensure that a child is not left unattended on a bus, and GPS systems, which allows to pinpoint each bus' exact location at all times. Busses also feature crossing gates on the front to ensure children cross at a safe distance.

First Student employs highly trained drivers who are committed to providing your children with safe transportation. Every First Student driver must undergo extensive classroom and behind-the-wheel training before transporting any students. First Student background check processes are the most comprehensive in the industry and include checks of drivers' residency, work, driving and criminal histories. Regular re-checks are conducted throughout an employee's tenure with the company.

First Student is committed to delivering a high standard of safety and service.

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