Letter from the Principal

Welcome to Perry Elementary School!

We have an amazing educational opportunity for each student who attends Perry. Our attendance remains steady at around 300 students. The size of our school allows for a culture of community. We are a “neighborhood school.” Most of our students walk, ride their bike, or get dropped off from a family member. We greet each other by name as we start and end our day.

Perry is a K-5 building with two teachers at each grade level. We strive to engage our students in a standards - based curriculum designed for student success. Our teachers work collaboratively to support, encourage, and challenge each student. We share best practice strategies as we work to increase our knowledge on educating for the 21st Century. Technology is integrated into all areas of study as we work towards preparing our students for the real world.

Please stop in to share your concerns and/or celebrations. Your child’s success is a collaborative process, only all of us together can make an impact within each child’s life.



Frank Mandera, Principal