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January Update

Edcamp is coming to D100 for upper elementary and middle school students.

What is Edcamp you ask?  
Student Edcamp is a fun, free, participant-driven opportunity for students to showcase a technology skill they have learned at home or within the classroom. The audience is encouraged to interact with the presenter to share what they know about the topic as well. Using this method allows all participants to share their knowledge in topics that interest them as well as learn from others who are in attendance.

Do you have to present to attend?
No. You can come and just learn some new ideas. However, you are always encouraged to add your knowledge to any presentation being given. 

The date for the Technology Edcamp is March 16. Please be on the lookout for more information as we move closer to March and things become more finalized. 

“The Belvidere School District strongly believes that 1:1 classrooms enhance the educational experience for a child.  Technology integration increases a student's ability to stay engaged, stay organized, and allows for greater opportunities of collaboration between peers and outside experts.” Beginning in the fall of 2018, the fourth and fifth grade classrooms across the district will be 1:1 classrooms.  This tool will help our students grow and access new resources that could not exist without Chromebooks. It is important that students are prepared to use this valuable device.  Similar to a pencil, headsets or earbuds will now be required.   You can purchase these online or at any department store with an electronics department. They are also available at the Dollar Store.  Additionally, some students are more comfortable using a mouse.  Please discuss this with your child as they are welcome to bring a mouse to school.  Finally,  during the summer months the district will be hosting a Chromebook bootcamp to help the incoming 4th and 5th-grade students prepare for the coming year.  Please look for the scheduled dates in early May. 

Digital Citizenship refers to a person who uses the internet to engage in school work, politics, online social networking, or other forms of communication.  Our goal as a district is to teach our students to understand how to stay safe online.  
The Family Online Safety Institute recommends seven steps to good digital parenting. 

1. Talk with your children
         a. Talk early and often
         b.  Be open and direct

2.    Educate yourself 
Search online for anything you do not understand. Try out the apps, games, and sites for yourself

3. Use Parental Controls
         a. Use the safety settings in your operating system (ask someone if you unfamiliar with these settings.)
         b. Monitor your children’s uses and their screen time

4. Set Ground Rules and Apply Sanctions
        a.  Sign a family safety contract (see example attached)
        b.   Set time and place limits
        c.  Follow-through with sanctions when necessary

5.  Friend and Follow but do not stalk 
        a.   Friend your children on social media
        b.   Respect their online space and do not over do it. 

6. Explore, Share, and Celebrate
                 a.  Take advantage of new ways to communicate
                  b.  Learn from them and have fun

7.  Be a Good Digital Role Model
                 a.  Model great online behavior
                 b.  Know when to unplug 

Credit: Family Online Safety Institute:

January Edition--Parental Controls on Home WiFi

One of the most frequent questions we receive in the Technology department is “How do I limit what my child does on their Chromebook at home.”

The most effective way to do this is by using the parental controls on your wifi router. Depending on your brand of router, you can set time limits for you child, restrict what websites they access, and monitor their activity. All routers are different, so we have provided some links below to guide you in setting up some of these features.

How to Article


   Google WiFi


TP Link






The Belvidere School District strongly believes that 1:1 classrooms enhance the educational experience for a child.

Tech Integration Update

The Belvidere School District strongly believes that 1:1 classrooms enhance the educational experience for a child. District 100 continues to expand access to 1:1 devices for students. Every 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grader received a Chromebook at the start of this school year. Students in elementary schools also have greater access to devices while at school, but do not bring their devices home on a daily basis. Below is a chart that shows the implementation process. The District 100 website has a page dedicated to technology tools for parents to learn more about 1:1 classrooms.


2015 - 2016

2016 - 2017

2017- 2018

2018 - 2019

2019 - 2020




5th Grade (1:1)

K - 4 (4:1)

4th Grade (1:1)

K- 3 (3:1)

3rd Grade (1:1)

K - 2 (2:1)


6th Grade (1:1)

7th Grade (1:1)

8th Grade (1:1)



High School

English & Careers Courses

9th Grade (1:1)

10th Grade (1:1)

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