Top Ten Things That Make WA Unique

Top Ten Things That Make Washington Academy Unique

10. Washington Academy (WA) is District 100’s only magnet school. Anyone in the district can apply to attend our school.

9. WA’s curriculum focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). * We do have the same reading curriculum as the other elementary schools.

8. WA has three science labs and one STEM lab. Students at WA have science every day and have the opportunity to learn about science through hands on activities. We currently use Engineering is Elementary and FOSS curriculum for grades K- 5.

7. WA has a specific curriculum called IMaST for students in grades 6 through 8 that was developed by Illinois State University. WA staff works in partnership with ISU on this curriculum that integrates math, science, and technology.

6. WA students spend 125 minutes each week with Engineering Technology teachers in one of our three technology labs. What the students learn in technology class is tied directly back to the curriculum in the classroom.

5. WA has an Acceleration Math Program (AMP) for 3rd through 8th grade students. Students who qualify for the program can work 1-2 grade levels ahead.

4. WA students experience Project Based Learning in their classroom on a daily basis. Project Based Learning is an instructional approach built upon authentic learning activities that engage student interest and motivation. These activities are designed to question or solve a problem and generally reflect the types of learning and work people do in the everyday world outside the classroom. (Definition from

3. WA has uniforms. Students and staff have a uniform policy. For students, they are to wear navy polo shirts with a collar and khaki bottoms.

2. WA works directly with community partners. The student’s classroom experiences are bridged with real world experiences through these partnerships.

1. WA is fun! The staff, parents, and students work very hard to make this a great place to be!​



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